Is Aruba Worth Visiting? Reasons, Tips & What to Expect

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Out of all the islands in the Caribbean, Aruba takes the cake as one of the greatest tropical paradises in the world.

It attracts thousands of visitors each year with its dazzling beaches, crystal coastline, and exciting and colorful atmosphere.

Aruba is an adventure all on its own and definitely worth the trip.

Aruba is unlike any destination in the world, and could easily be a person’s ‘ happy place.’

Keep reading to discover what makes the island so special and appealing to vacationers.

Is Aruba Worth it?

Aruba is without a doubt a slice of heaven on earth, and definitely worth a visit, or two!

It’s rich in culture and history, has magnificent views in every direction, astonishing sights, fine dining, and luxury shopping.

With everything that comes with a visit to Aruba, it’s extremely hard to ever leave; It’s a remarkable place of perfection, inside and out.

Why Visit Aruba?

Why is Aruba worth it and what makes the island so special?

With a blend of an ideal climate, a wide range of activities, and a lovely atmosphere, it’s unlike any other place on the planet.

Let’s break down what makes Aruba such a perfect location for all travelers.


While traveling can be risky all over the world, Aruba ranks as of the safest of the Caribbean islands.

Due to a less hostile history, lower crime rate, and help from locals, the island is a peaceful oasis with few problems.

Locals go to great lengths to keep their island safe and aim to help tourists and keep them comfortable and happy as much as possible.


Aruba’s history all started with the Arawak Indian tribe, who left behind cave drawings and tools as remains of the first and oldest inhabitants. When the Spanish claimed the island in 1499, it became the hotspot for pirates and smugglers in the Caribbean.

After being conquered by the Dutch West India Company, and later the British, it was finally given back to the Dutch.

Before the complete declaration, the transition stopped forever in 1994, and it remains a peaceful and happy Dutch Caribbean paradise.


It’s almost impossible to visit Aruba and not see at least one beach.

Aruba has some world-class coastline beaches, which is the biggest draw to the island itself.

The island’s most popular, Eagle Beach, was even ranked as one of the best beaches in the world.

The beaches are white and soft, with a coral and shell composition of sand, keeping it cool and comfortable year-round.


The people of Aruba are some of the most welcoming and friendliest people on the planet.

It’s no surprise the island is one of the happiest in the world. Travelers will be welcomed with a warm embrace of hospitality, something ingrained and crucial to the Aruban culture.

The people of Aruba are happy to assist tourists with directions, assistance, and any and all advice they can offer to make their time in Aruba even more memorable and enjoyable.


Aruba has a constant cool breeze and sunny tropical skies all year round.

Being one of the most southern Caribbean islands just north of the equator and the one with the least amount of rainfall each year, it truly is a heaven on earth with a comfortable year-round climate.

It has an average temperature of 83 degrees Fahrenheit (28 degrees Celsius), a crisp wind to keep things cool, and warm water temperatures ideal for swimming, relaxing, and other activities.


The food fusion cuisine of Aruba is a unique culinary experience and a big draw for foodies and those who love to try new dishes.

With over 90 different nationalities on the island, the flavors and spices make for a mouth-watering and delicious cuisine scene.

Between Caribbean, European, and African cooking styles, the dish options are endless.

Be sure to try some of the freshest seafood in the world, traditional fried plantain, and your favorite sweet treats and desserts during your visit.

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Aruba truly does have something for everyone, making it one of the biggest reasons a trip to the happy island is always worth it.

From snorkeling and diving to water sports galore, historical museums, lavish shopping, and a vibrant nightlife, the island has a wide range of activities for travelers of all ages.

Whether you are a history buff, water dog, foodie, or shopping lover, Aruba has an activity to indulge in whatever your heart desires.

Final Words

So, what do you think? Is Aruba worth visiting?

We hope after this, you have fallen even more in love with Aruba than ever before and that it inspires you to take an adventure down to the happiest island in the world.

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