Where to Stay In Paradera Aruba In 2024? (8 Places)

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Picking where to stay in Paradera, Aruba in 2024 is as easy as choosing your favorite emoji — pick the one that best expresses your vacation mood.

I’ve compiled a list of fantastic choices, aiming to make it easy for you (I hope) to select the ideal place for your accommodation.

If your wallet is on a budget-friendly diet (in that instance, I’d recommend the Mo Place) or you’re prepared to splurge like royalty (then go ahead and secure the Spacious Villa with Pool), we have the perfect options for you.

1. La Felicidad Aruba ⭐

With a stellar rating and reviews, La Felicidad Aruba offers an exceptional experience for those seeking a perfect blend of comfort and convenience.

This place is like getting a luxury vacation on a budget. You get all the swanky perks – a shared outdoor swimming pool, fully decked-out apartments, and a holiday home that won’t bleed you dry.

Now, let’s talk about the crown jewel of La Felicidad Aruba – the shared outdoor swimming pool. It’s not just a pool; it’s a haven for anyone wanting to soak up the Aruban sun. Whether you’re a serious swimmer or just want to pretend you’re on a tropical escape, this pool is the place to be. Perfect for cooling off after a day of exploring or jumpstarting a lazy vacation morning. It’s the kind of pool that leaves a lasting mark on your memory.

And don’t get me started on the views – they’re like the icing on an already delicious cake. Picture this: lush greenery, a distant cityscape, all framing your vacation. Sip your morning coffee or chill in the evening on a terrace, taking in the beauty of La Felicidad Aruba. It’s like a postcard you get to live in.

Now, if you’re into well-crafted drinks and a bit of lively buzz, the on-site bar is a game-changer. Savor your favorite cocktails or let the skilled mixologists surprise you. All this while you bask in the Caribbean breeze. The bar is where the social magic happens – meet fellow travelers or wind down in style.

Let’s talk about where you’ll rest your head – La Felicidad Aruba has fully loaded apartments and a holiday home that’s basically a mansion. Each air-conditioned unit is modern and comes with all the essentials. And if you’re into BBQ, there are shared facilities, perfect for those warm Aruban evenings.

Feeling chef-y? No problem. Supermarkets within 300 meters make grocery shopping a breeze. And if the smell of fresh-baked goodies gets you going, there’s a bakery just 250 meters away.

Now, let’s get practical – this place is strategically located. The Bubali Bird Sanctuary is a quick 10-minute drive for some nature vibes. Beach lover? Caribbean beaches are just 15 minutes away – endless relaxation and water adventures await.

And for the cherry on top, Queen Beatrix International Airport is just an 8-minute drive away. Seamless transitions – because who wants stress in paradise?

In a nutshell, La Felicidad Aruba isn’t just a place to crash; it’s a high-five to modern comfort with a dash of Caribbean cool. The pool, the views, the bar – it’s the full package that’ll turn your stay in Aruba into one heck of a story.

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2. Spacious Villa with Pool, Huge Yard 💎

In the heart of Paradera, an oasis of tranquility awaits you – the Spacious Villa with Pool, Huge Yard. This delightful 4-bedroom retreat, a mere 4.7 km from the iconic Hooiberg Mountain, beckons with promises of relaxation, comfort, and the laid-back charm of Aruba.

As you step into this haven, the air-conditioned embrace sets the tone for a carefree escape. The villa boasts a seamless blend of modern comforts and Caribbean allure. Picture a flat-screen TV for your entertainment, free WiFi to keep you connected, and a fully equipped kitchen ready to cater to your culinary whims.

Your private pool becomes a refreshing sanctuary, inviting you to cool off under the Aruban sun. The terrace, an extension of your living space, is the perfect spot for morning reflections or evening gatherings. And let’s not forget the expansive yard – a green canvas stretching as far as the eye can see, offering a sense of seclusion and space seldom found in the average getaway.

For those seeking a golfing adventure, the Tierra del Sol Golf Course is a mere 10 km away, promising lush landscapes and challenging fairways. Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the proximity to Arikok National Park, just 13 km from your doorstep, where Aruba’s diverse ecosystems unfold before your eyes.

Accessibility is key, and this villa nails it. The Queen Beatrix International Airport is a short 5 km drive, ensuring a smooth transition from travel to retreat.

Seize the opportunity to book your escape at the Spacious Villa with Pool, Huge Yard.

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3. Mo Place 💰

This is the next place on our list—an oasis in Paradera where affordability meets excellence. Welcome to Mo Place, an extraordinary escape where the ordinary is left behind.

As you step into this sustainable haven, a private pool glints in the sun, promising moments of pure tranquility. The air-conditioned luxury mirrors the vast Aruban sky, with pool views from your patio creating a personal oasis.

Beyond the comfort, Mo Place champions sustainability with an electric vehicle charging station. Free WiFi, private parking, towels, and bed linen create a seamless cocoon of relaxation. The outdoor dining area invites you to savor the desert symphony under the stars.

For explorers, a car rental service awaits, ready to guide you through Arikok National Park, just 13 km away. The Queen Beatrix International Airport is a short 5 km drive, offering a convenient gateway to and from your desert retreat.

In Mo Place, your journey transcends the ordinary. It’s not just a place to stay; it’s an invitation to immerse yourself in Aruba’s soul—a melody composed by the wind, the sun, and the timeless spirit of the desert.

Ready to book Mo Place? Check availability on booking.com here!

4. Cozy home under the Sun with Swimmingpool

Now, let’s talk about commitment. Cozy home under the Sun with Swimmingpool, a sunlit sanctuary in Paradera, requires a minimum 7-night stay. Yes, it’s an investment, but let me tell you, it’s a price tag on an experience that transcends the ordinary.

This is not your average getaway—it’s a Cozy home under the Sun with Swimmingpool, where every moment is steeped in luxury and tranquility.

Your private universe unfolds with a shimmering pool, an oasis under the Aruban sky. As the sun sets, the air-conditioned interiors and patio become your refuge, a space where time seems to slow down.

Beyond the mere walls, Dushi Cas unveils three kingsize bedrooms and a living room, adorned with a TV for your leisure. Towels and bed linen are laid out, ensuring your comfort knows no bounds. A private entrance adds an extra layer of exclusivity, making this more than just a house—it’s a personal escape.

In the quiet moments, venture into the garden—a sanctuary within a sanctuary. Here, you’re not just a guest; you become part of the natural rhythm that defines this place.

Now, let’s talk surroundings. Hooiberg Mountain stands 4.5 km away, a silent guardian of this tranquil escape. For golf enthusiasts, Tierra del Sol Golf Course is a short 10 km drive, while the untamed beauty of Arikok National Park beckons just 13 km away.

Your journey begins at Queen Beatrix International Airport, a mere 5 km from your sun-soaked haven. Sure, it’s a bit of a stretch, but what awaits at this amazing place is beyond value—it’s an investment in an experience that resonates long after the sun sets on your Aruban adventure.

Ready to book Cozy home under the Sun? Check availability on booking.com here!

5. AruPar Apartment

Looking for a retreat in Paradera that strikes the perfect balance between comfort and cost? Enter AruPar Apartment—a superb choice with solid ratings. With a minimum stay of just 2 nights, it’s an attractive option for those seeking a pocket-friendly yet exceptional experience.

Nestled 4 km from Hooiberg Mountain and 10 km from Tierra del Sol Golf Course, AruPar Apartment beckons with an inviting bar and air-conditioned interiors. The property offers inner courtyard views, providing a serene backdrop, and sits just 13 km away from the untamed beauty of Arikok National Park.

The guest house is a blend of simplicity and functionality. Boasting 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom, it’s adorned with bed linen, towels, and a flat-screen TV equipped with streaming services. A fully equipped kitchen and a dining area set the stage for convenience, while a patio with pool views offers a moment of repose. For added privacy, relish in the accommodation’s private entrance.

Let’s talk leisure—the outdoor swimming pool invites you to unwind, complemented by a pool bar for those refreshing sips under the sun. Free WiFi ensures you stay connected while basking in the warm Aruban weather. And for those who relish the outdoors, AruPar Apartment offers barbecue facilities, letting you savor the tropical vibes.

As for logistics, the Queen Beatrix International Airport is a mere 4 km away, streamlining your arrival and departure. AruPar Apartment isn’t just a place to stay; it’s an oasis in Paradera where affordability meets superb quality—a destination where simplicity and comfort coexist.

Ready to book AruPar Apartment? Check availability on booking.com here!

6. Aruba Roncado Cheerful 3 bedroom home in Paradera

Discover Aruba Roncado, a cheerful 3-bedroom haven nestled in the heart of Paradera.

Conveniently situated 11 km from Tierra del Sol Golf Course and 13 km from the captivating Arikok National Park, Aruba Roncado captures the essence of island living. The air-conditioned haven, just 4.7 km from the iconic Hooiberg Mountain, offers both convenience and tranquility. With private parking on-site and free WiFi, your stay promises seamless comfort.

This holiday home isn’t just a shelter; it’s a personal sanctuary. A terrace welcomes you to moments of reprieve, while the well-equipped kitchen and a cozy living room create a space that feels like home. The accommodation features 1 bedroom, ensuring a snug retreat, and a flat-screen TV with streaming services for your entertainment.

For those seeking a bit of adventure, Aruba Roncado is a perfect launchpad. Hiking enthusiasts will find the surroundings ripe for exploration, adding a touch of outdoor excitement to your stay.

As you immerse yourself in the cheerful ambiance, take advantage of the barbecue facilities, adding a sizzle of flavor to your Aruban experience. The Queen Beatrix International Airport is conveniently just 5 km away, making your arrival and departure a breeze.

In the embrace of Aruba Roncado, this cute little place you adore becomes a home away from home—a haven where affordability meets the joyous spirit of Aruba.

Ready to book Aruba Roncado? Check availability on booking.com here!

7. Paradera Park Aruba

Step into a place that feels like it’s straight out of a fairy tale—the enchanting Paradera Park Aruba. This haven beckons with a minimum 4-night stay, a modest investment for a dreamlike experience.

Nestled just 10 minutes from the famed Palm Beach and Eagle Beach in Paradera, Aruba, this resort unveils landscaped tropical gardens and a sprawling outdoor pool with a sun terrace, setting the stage for your own slice of paradise. Upon arrival, guests are greeted with a welcome drink, marking the beginning of a magical stay.

The studios and suites at Aruba Paradera Park are a blend of comfort and sophistication. Soundproofed for your peace, they boast cable TV, free WiFi, and an in-room safe. Your retreat extends to a spacious private balcony or patio, while the fully-equipped kitchen—complete with a hob, refrigerator, and microwave—invites culinary adventures. Cookware and dishware are thoughtfully provided, and local calls are on the house. Housekeeping ensures your sanctuary remains pristine every day.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. Dive into a world of underwater wonders with snorkeling equipment available for rent. Cabanas, hammocks, and lounge chairs beckon around the pool, creating a haven for relaxation. Free beach towels, chairs, and a cooler enhance your beach visits, ensuring every moment is one to cherish. A library and business services add the finishing touches to a stay that seamlessly combines leisure and convenience.

Need directions or reservations? The hotel is ready to assist, ensuring your exploration of Aruba is as effortless as it is delightful. Downtown Oranjestad is a mere 5 minutes’ drive from Paradera Park Aruba, while the intriguing Casibari rock formations stand just one mile from this enchanting resort—a place where every day unfolds like a page from a fairy tale.

Ready to book Paradera Park Aruba? Check availability on booking.com here!

8. Villa Amarilla

You know when you find a place that just clicks? Well, Villa Amarilla in Paradera is that for me. I could easily imagine calling this 3-bedroom haven my home.

Tucked away 4.5 km from the majestic Hooiberg Mountain and 10 km from the Tierra del Sol Golf Course, Villa Amarilla is a sanctuary of tranquility. The property’s garden and air conditioning weave a tapestry of comfort, and the promise of free private parking and a welcoming terrace make it all the more enticing.

As you step into this 3-bedroom holiday home, the aura of contentment is palpable. Free WiFi dances through the air, and the flat-screen TV, washing machine, and fully equipped kitchen are like notes in a symphony of comfort. Towels and bed linen are graciously provided, and the private entrance offers a sense of seclusion that amplifies the charm.

Now, here’s the kicker—this place isn’t just about a temporary escape. It’s a home away from home. The property is non-smoking, ensuring a fresh ambiance that only adds to the allure. Venture into the intriguing landscapes of Arikok National Park, just 13 km away, and you’ll discover the untouched beauty that surrounds Villa Amarilla.

And for the cherry on top, the Queen Beatrix International Airport is a mere 5 km away, making every arrival and departure seamless.

To sum it up, I could easily see myself calling this place home. But even just a week here promises unforgettable memories. Don’t miss the chance to turn this dreamy escape into your next unforgettable adventure.

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Final Words

Now you know what your options are and where you can stay in Paradera in Aruba.

From the budget-friendly comfort of AruPar Apartment to the astonishing Villa Amarilla (where I wouldn’t mind spending a year or two), and the enchanting fairy-tale setting of Paradera Park, there’s an option for every taste.

Go through the list above, pick your place, and I wish you a comfy stay in Paradera!

I hope this post helped you find where to stay in Paradera, Aruba.

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