Where to Stay In Savaneta Aruba In 2024? (7 Places)

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Where to stay in Savaneta, Aruba, for your 2024 getaway is a decision as simple as opting for a sun hat or sunglasses—choose what aligns with your style, budget, and vacation mood.

I’ve sifted through some exceptional options, making the quest for your dream spot as carefree as selecting your go-to playlist for a beach day.


Whether your wallet is feeling generous (opt for the luxurious EVA Resort) or taking a leisurely stroll on the frugal side (consider the charming Magical Garden), we’ve got an option for every financial mood.

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1. Studio Zara

In the obscure corners of Savaneta, Aruba, where the waves whisper secrets and the sun paints the sky in hues only the Caribbean can muster, there lies Studio Zara—an abode of tranquility with the thunderous comfort you didn’t know you needed.

Inside Studio Zara, where the air conditioning hums a tune of cool contentment, you’ll find a lair of relaxation. A spacious patio sets the stage for your own Caribbean soirée, complete with views that would make even the most seasoned traveler take a pause.

In the interior sanctum, discover one bedroom that could rival the comfiest clouds, a living room that whispers promises of unwinding, and a kitchen armed with all the wizardry of modern appliances—a microwave and a fridge, to be precise. The bathroom? A walk-in shower sanctuary that practically demands you stay an extra night.

And there’s more. A terrace that not only offers sea views but practically writes poetry about them. Picture yourself there, drink in hand, watching the sun dip below the horizon, and you’re only halfway to the Studio Zara experience.

Oh, did I mention the freedom? A private entrance ensures you can come and go as you please, adding a dash of rebellion to your Caribbean escapade. If the weather gods permit, a barbecue and a garden stand ready for your culinary and relaxation needs, turning the outdoor space into your private kingdom.

Strategically positioned, Studio Zara is a mere 22 km from the Tierra del Sol Golf Course, ensuring your swing stays sharp. Hooiberg Mountain is a short 10 km dash away, offering panoramic views that could humble even the most seasoned traveler. And for the nature lover in you, Arikok National Park beckons just 12 km from your doorstep.


With Queen Beatrix International Airport a mere 9 km away, Studio Zara not only pampers you with comfort but also ensures you can get to the good stuff without unnecessary drama. Book your spot and let Savaneta, Aruba, become your personal stage for a Caribbean adventure.

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2. EVA Resort

Nestled in the peaceful Savaneta of Aruba, EVA Resort is a 5-star gem offering a minimum 3-night stay.

Situated just 10 km from the iconic Hooiberg Mountain, EVA Resort welcomes guests with open arms, providing an outdoor pool, free parking, and beautiful garden views. It’s a smoke-free zone and conveniently located 12 km from Arikok National Park.

As you step into EVA Resort, get ready for a comfy retreat. The rooms are decked out with all you need – air conditioning, a spacious wardrobe, a flat-screen TV, and a private bathroom. The patio overlooks the pool, adding a touch of tranquility to your stay. Some rooms even offer garden views for those who love a bit of nature.

For the coffee lovers, fear not! Each room comes with a handy coffee machine, and there’s a fridge too. And beyond the comfort of your room, EVA Resort offers a concierge service, a tour desk, and free WiFi for those moments when you want to connect with the outside world.

Golf enthusiasts will be pleased to know that Tierra del Sol Golf Course is just 22 km away, offering a chance to perfect that swing. And with Queen Beatrix International Airport just 9 km away, your journey to and from this paradise is a breeze.

In a nutshell, EVA Resort isn’t just a place to sleep; it’s a place to experience luxury and relaxation in one delightful package. Book your stay, unwind by the pool, and let EVA Resort redefine your idea of a perfect getaway in Aruba.

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3. Unbounded Horizons: Serene home with Panoramic view

Just a stone’s throw away from Mangel Halto Beach and a scenic drive from Hooiberg Mountain, Unbounded Horizons is more than a place to crash; it’s a retreat. Surrounded by greenery and equipped with air conditioning, this non-smoking haven is conveniently located, sitting pretty at 10 km from Arikok National Park.

Walk into your holiday home, a 2-bedroom beauty that’s not just a roof over your head but a cocoon of modern comfort. Panoramic views outside, a flat-screen TV inside—it’s a perfect harmony. The kitchen, complete with a fridge and stovetop, is ready for your culinary adventures, and the washing machine is there for life’s little mishaps.

Privacy? Absolutely. With its own entrance, it’s your personal bubble in paradise. And let’s not forget the free WiFi, because, in the age of Instagram, even paradise needs to be shared. Towels and bed linen? Of course, they’ve got you covered.

Step outside onto the terrace—your front-row seat to the Caribbean’s daily spectacle. And with free parking, you won’t have to do battle with the island’s elusive parking spots.

For those itching to swing a club, Tierra del Sol Golf Course is just 21 km away. And when it’s time to jet off, Queen Beatrix International Airport is a breezy 8 km away, making your escape as smooth as a beachside cocktail.

Unbounded Horizons isn’t just a place to stay; it’s an invitation to kick back, enjoy the view, and let the simple joys of a holiday home redefine your Aruban adventure. Book your spot and let the relaxation commence!

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4. Beachfront Bella Horizonte 5

Tucked just 10 km away from the iconic Hooiberg Mountain and a mere 11 km from the rugged beauty of Arikok National Park, Beachfront Bella Horizonte 5 brings the beach to your doorstep. With the gentle hum of the waves as your soundtrack, this air-conditioned sanctuary promises a getaway free from the haze of city life.

This non-smoking gem is strategically situated, placing you 22 km away from the manicured greens of Tierra del Sol Golf Course. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves; there’s a beach to explore, after all.

Step into this apartment, where every detail whispers of comfort and coastal charm. Free WiFi keeps you connected to the world, but with the beach at your doorstep, who needs it? The TV is there for a cozy night in, and the fully equipped kitchen, adorned with kitchenware, is ready for your culinary whims.

Towels and bed linen? Of course, they’ve got you covered. Because at Beachfront Bella Horizonte 5, your comfort is their priority.

The nearest airport, Queen Beatrix International Airport, is a short 9 km away, ensuring that your journey to this beachside haven is swift and hassle-free. It’s like the universe conspiring to make your getaway perfect.

Book your stay, and let the sun, sand, and sea redefine your idea of a perfect escape in Savaneta.

Ready to book Beachfront Bella Horizonte 5? Check availability on booking.com here!

5. Magical Garden

In the charming landscape of Savaneta, where the sea whispers tales of adventure and the air is laden with tranquility, Magical Garden emerges as a budget-friendly haven that promises a touch of enchantment.

Nestled just 200 meters from the alluring Cura Cabai Beach, Magical Garden offers a beachfront escape that competes with the best. The lush garden surrounding the accommodation adds a touch of serenity, making it a haven for those seeking a peaceful retreat. And let’s not forget the practical side—a stay here puts you a reasonable 12 km away from Hooiberg Mountain.

Every unit in this homestay is a testament to simplicity and comfort. A wardrobe for your belongings, a kettle for your favorite brew, and the essential private bathroom—all within the cocoon of air-conditioned comfort. Free WiFi ensures you stay connected, and for those who appreciate a breath of fresh air, certain rooms boast a terrace or quiet street views. Bed linen and towels are, of course, included, making your stay hassle-free.

Magical Garden doesn’t just stop at providing a cozy shelter; it goes the extra mile with a car rental service, ensuring you have the freedom to explore the island at your own pace.

Comparing it to others, Magical Garden stands out as a budget-friendly gem that doesn’t compromise on the essentials. Arikok National Park is a mere 14 km away, inviting you to explore the island’s natural wonders. Tierra del Sol Golf Course, 24 km from the property, caters to golf enthusiasts looking for a swing with a view.

The cherry on top? The convenience of Queen Beatrix International Airport being just 11 km away, making your entry and exit smooth and swift.

Couples seem to have found a sweet spot here, rating the location at 8.5 for a two-person trip—an endorsement that speaks volumes about the allure of this magical retreat. For those seeking a budget-friendly yet enchanting escape, Magical Garden beckons with open arms.

Ready to book Magical Garden? Check availability on booking.com here!

6. Coral Reef Beach

For those craving a slice of Aruban paradise, Coral Reef Beach stands as the epitome of coastal perfection.

Located along Aruba’s Caribbean coast in Savaneta, Coral Reef Beach is not just a hotel; it’s an invitation to a world of outdoor adventures. Snorkeling, windsurfing, and more await just steps from your door. The promise of free Wi-Fi ensures you can share every blissful moment.

The air-conditioned rooms boast tropical vibes, each equipped with a television, refrigerator, and a private bathroom that screams relaxation. Need a bit more space? Opt for the apartments featuring a fully equipped kitchen and a cozy seating area.

Hungry after a day of exploration? No worries—several dining options, including a tempting seafood restaurant next door, are within 500 meters, ensuring your taste buds are as happy as your soul.

Coral Reef Beach goes beyond providing a cozy abode; it’s your gateway to adventure. The hotel is your personal concierge, ready to help you arrange thrilling activities like diving and canoeing. Arikok National Park, just a 5-minute drive away, adds a touch of nature to your itinerary.

If golf is your game, Aruba Golf Club is a mere 15-minute drive away. And for those seeking a taste of city life, Oranjestad city center, offering shopping and sightseeing, is a short 13.9 km journey.

But the best part? The airport is just a 15-minute drive away, making your journey to this beachfront haven a breeze.

In essence, Coral Reef Beach isn’t just a place to stay; it’s your ticket to Caribbean bliss. Book your stay now, dive into adventure, and let the waves of Savaneta be the soundtrack to your Aruban escape.

Ready to book Coral Reef Beach? Check availability on booking.com here!

7. Blue Sky Residence Aruba

As we draw the curtains on our Aruban escapade, let me introduce you to the pièce de résistance—Blue Sky Residence. It’s not just a place to crash; it’s the swanky conclusion to your Caribbean saga.

Picture this: air-conditioned bliss, your private pool, a terrace basking in the Caribbean sun—all crowned with the practicalities of free parking and WiFi. Nestled just 1.5 km from Mangel Halto Beach, it’s your invitation to seaside opulence.

Inside, the holiday home unfolds with four bedrooms, each a haven of comfort. A flat-screen TV, a fully loaded kitchen sporting a dishwasher, oven, washing machine, microwave, and fridge—the works. Bed linen, towels, and a laundry service? Naturally, they’ve thought of everything.

Beyond the lavish interiors, a quaint picnic area whispers tales of al fresco delights.

As we bid adieu, Blue Sky Residence strategically places you—7.2 km from Hooiberg Mountain for a final adventure, 8.5 km from the natural wonders of Arikok National Park for a nature-infused farewell.

With Queen Beatrix International Airport just 7 km away, your departure is as seamless as the comfort you’ve indulged in.

In essence, Blue Sky Residence Aruba isn’t just a stay; it’s the triumphant crescendo, the punctuation mark, the grand finale to your Caribbean symphony. Secure your night of indulgence, surrender to unparalleled comfort, and let Blue Sky Residence be the exclamation point to your unforgettable journey.

Ready to book Blue Sky Residence Aruba? Check availability on booking.com here!

Final Words

Make yourself a coffee, take a moment, and reserve your stay in Savaneta at one of these fantastic options.

Your ticket to Aruban bliss is just a click away. Whether you’re eyeing the luxe vibes of Blue Sky Residence or the pocket-friendly comfort of Magical Garden, these accommodations are more than just places to crash—they’re your passport to an unforgettable Caribbean escape.

Don’t hesitate. Book now, and let the sun, sea, and sand be your backdrop.

These spots may not always be up for grabs. Availability can be tricky, and being swift is crucial, especially if you’re planning months ahead.

Book your stays now and ensure you don’t miss out on your ideal getaway.

Wishing you a wonderful stay in Savaneta Aruba!

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