What to Pack for Aruba? Clothes, Miscellaneous & Extra Tips

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If you have found yourself landing on this packing guide, it’s likely you are on your way to the happiest island in the world!

Aruba is a fabulous destination all year round. With blue sunny skies, and a constant warm temperature, packing for a vacation to this tropical paradise is a piece of cake.


One of the best things about visiting Aruba is that packing is easy and simple.

Heat and sunshine paired with a chill and casual vibe overall makes packing for the island quick, but there are a few items that are crucial not to forget.

To keep your packing list short, sweet, and essential, we have gathered up all the items you will need for a fantastic Aruban getaway.

Keep reading for the ultimate list of what to pack for Aruba.

Clothes for Aruba Trip

Thankfully, Aruba’s constant warm temperature makes clothing options a breeze.

Leave the coats and scarfs at home, and exchange them for bikinis and tank tops.

Light and easy layering clothing items are the ideal choice for clothing items in Aruba, as well as the rest of the following things.


Bathing Suits

Bikinis and swim trunks are on of the most important clothing items needed on an Aruban vacation.

Chances are, most of your day will be spent on the water or coastline, and surrounding areas that are chill and relaxed.

Add a lightweight coverup for indoor dining and shopping, and you’re all set!

Tank Tops

Be prepared with plenty of tank tops, as it is an easy way to stay cool during the hot afternoon hours.

They work for beach days, adventure, and evening attire, and are perfect for the Aruban climate.

Be sure to avoid tight-fitting tops, and aim for more loose and lightweight options.


Men and women can both enjoy their trip to Aruba in casual shorts, being sure to stay cool.

Athletic style shorts made for loose and light material are best for the hot sunny days and can be changed into jean shorts for more casual evening attire.

They are perfect for throwing over your swimsuit as well if you happen to forget to pack a cover-up and need another alternative.


There is no better place in the world to show off your cute summer sundresses other than in Aruba.

With a constant 80-degree temperature, sunny skies, and constant breeze, there’s no better option.

Sundresses are ideal options for nice restaurants during the evening hours, or long light walks on the beach.

Lightweight Jacket

Long sleeves really aren’t needed in Aruba, but it’s not a bad idea to pack a light jacket.

While the evening hours after the sunset is still rather warm, long sleeves feel good after a long hot day in the sun.

If you are someone who gets cold easily, keep this in mind when dining out at indoor restaurants and during your flights.

Miscellaneous Things To Pack for Aruba

Other than clothes, there are other essential items that should be added to your Aruba packing list too, such as the following.


The most important item on this list is none other than your Passport.

Without this, stepping foot on the happy island is impossible.

Keep in mind to double-check ahead of time if you are from a country that needs a visa prior to entering the island.


A sarong is the ultimate beach accessory that is perfect for Aruba.

Whether you use it as a beach towel, cover-up, scarf, or another accessory, its multi-functionality makes it an essential item to pack.


While it’s good to bring a pair of walking shoes for transit, sandals are the main footwear of choice in Aruba.

Flip flops and sliders are simple and ideal for daytime and most activities around Aruba.

For nice evenings out, step in up a notch with strappy summer sandals that you love to show off.

Beach Bag

A beach bag is essential for keeping your belongings safe, secure, and accessible during your long sunny beach days!

Something small and lightweight is perfect, just big enough to hold the essentials.

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Sunglasses are a must in the Caribbean, especially in Aruba.

If you plan on spending a lot of fo time in the water or doing adrenaline-filled activities, it’s a good idea to bring a cheap extra pair just in case.


While your passport is the most important item to pack, sunscreen comes in at a close second.

The sun’s rays are strong just north of the equator, and Aruba gets more sunshine than any other Caribbean island on average.

Sunscreen is often extremely expensive on the island, due to the demand and high tourism rates.

Be sure to pack enough with you to last throughout your trip, to save not only money but your skin from harmful sun damage.

Extra Things to Pack for Aruba

If you still have a little extra space in your bag after packing the essentials, consider packing some of these bonus items!

  • Cooler – A small compatible cooler is perfect for keeping drinks and snack cold for long days out in the Aruban sunshine.
  • Aloe Vera – The sun’s rays are strong in Aruba. Just in case you forget to re-apply that extra round of sunscreen, pack some aloe vera for the fastest and most convenient relief from sunburns.
  • Water Shoes – Water shoes are a good choice to pack if you plan on doing a lot of water activities, such as snorkeling and kayaking.

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We hope this list of items has made your Aruban packing list a little easier to fulfill.

Keep this guide in mind when planning your next trip to the happy island where it’s summer all year round.

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