Where to Stay In Eagle Beach Aruba In 2024? (11 Places)

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Deciding where to stay in Eagle Beach, Aruba, is as easy as choosing a shady spot under a palm tree – a breeze with plenty of options!

I’ve painstakingly sifted through more than 50 hotels, scrutinizing reviews, prices, and amenities, and every single one of them is conveniently parked right on the Eagle Beach – close enough to hear the waves and feel the sand between your toes.

I’m optimistic that in the next 5-10 minutes, you’ll come across your perfect spot that aligns with your budget.

Just a heads up, these spots are right on the beach, not a stroll away or a mile down the road. Being beachfront comes with a bit steeper prices, just so you’re aware.

So, whether your budget is slim (in that scenario, I’d recommend the affordable Arena Condominium Aruba) or you’re prepared to pamper it like royalty (consider booking the luxurious O Condominium Beachfront Residences), rest assured, my list has options for you.

What to expect from this guide? First, take a peek at my top picks – the best overall, best luxury, and best budget options. Following that, you’ll find a comprehensive table with all available choices. If you find yourself with more time, feel free to dive into the entire article for detailed insights into each hotel.

1. Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort ⭐

Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort is the first hotel on my list. Why? It’s beautiful, with perfect scores and great reviews. Though a bit pricey, it’s situated right across the stunning Eagle Beach in Aruba – like something out of a dream. But don’t worry, on this list, you will find more affordable options as well.

This isn’t your typical hotel; it’s a downright unforgettable experience. Picture yourself in spacious studios or suites with kitchens that make Gordon Ramsay’s home kitchen jealous. And yes, that’s a welcome drink in your hand because this place knows how to greet you properly. Free WiFi, parking, and good vibes included.

Feeling like a dip? The outdoor pool and children’s pool are there for a splash, and if you’re into snorkeling, they’ve got the gear. Lounge chairs by the pool or beach? Complimentary, my friend.

Now, let’s talk food. Mango’s restaurant serves up a buffet breakfast that’ll make you question your allegiance to cereal. Come evening, international cuisine takes the stage. But hold on, the Passions Beach Bar & Lounge steals the show with cocktails, fresh fish, and grilled steak right on the beach. Oh, and did I mention the free snacks at the Manager’s Cocktail party every Thursday? It’s a party, mate!

This place isn’t just a pretty face; it’s environmentally woke. EarthCheck certified and holding the Golden Travel Life Award, they’re doing their bit for the planet. Plus, they’re TAG-Approved, welcoming everyone, and proudly flying the flag as an LGBT-friendly joint—member of the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association and the Gay European Tourism Association.

And if all that doesn’t convince you, couples rated the location a whopping 9.7 for a two-person trip. I mean, who wouldn’t want a bit of romance with their beachside getaway? So, if you’re after more than just a room with a view, the Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort is your ticket to an Aruban adventure.

Ready to book Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort? Check availability on booking.com here!

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2. Arena Condominium Aruba 💰

If you are on a budget, you can snag a night at this swanky Arena Condominium Aruba.

Now, picture this: you’re chilling in Eagle Beach, and boom, there’s Arena Condominium Aruba, looking like it’s been plucked straight out of a luxury travel magazine. The joint is surrounded by a pool that’s so inviting, you’ll consider cancelling all your plans just to float around like a human pool noodle.

And get this – they’ve got an outdoor swimming pool, a garden that’s probably more Instagrammable than your ex’s vacation pics, and parking right on the premises. No circling the block like a vulture for a parking spot – it’s right there, waiting for your ride.

Now, the rooms. Oh boy, the rooms. They’ve got this killer hot tub action going on – like, imagine yourself soaking in bubbly bliss after a day of beach-hopping. Plus, there’s free WiFi everywhere. No need to ration your data like it’s a post-apocalyptic world. You can stream, scroll, and swipe to your heart’s content.

And for the fam-bam, they’ve got family rooms. No need to get separate quarters and deal with the “I called dibs on the TV” drama. Everyone can huddle up in one cozy place.

Now, let’s talk about the rooms themselves. Air-conditioned – because, let’s be real, no one likes sweating in their sleep. You’ve got a wardrobe for your vacation threads, a coffee machine for your caffeine fix, and a microwave and toaster in case you’re feeling chef-y. Safety deposit box for your secret stash of vacation snacks – we won’t judge.

Oh, and did I mention the flat-screen TV? Because yeah, they’ve got that too. Plus, a terrace where you can sip your morning coffee and pretend you’re a character in a romance novel. And the bathrooms – private and equipped with a shower. No sharing showers with strangers here.

There’s a dining area, too. I mean, you gotta have a spot to devour the local eats you picked up, right? And the kitchen – fully equipped with a fridge and kitchenware. You can pretend you’re a master chef whipping up a storm.

And because they’re not messing around, they throw in bed linen and towels. You don’t even have to bring your own – they’ve got you covered.

Now, let’s talk location. Eagle Beach, Manchebo Beach, and Palm Beach are all within throwing distance. Not literally – no one wants to test your arm strength with a beach umbrella. And if you’re flying in, the Queen Beatrix International Airport is a mere 4.3 miles away. You could practically walk there if you’re feeling adventurous.

So, there you have it – Arena Condominium Aruba. It’s not just a hotel; it’s a tropical paradise waiting for you to dive in. So pack your bags, grab your shades, and get ready for a vacation that’s more lit than a bonfire on a summer night.

Ready to book Arena Condominium Aruba? Check availability on booking.com here!

3. O Condominium Beachfront Residences, by Bocobay Aruba 💎

Hold onto your beach hats because I’m about to introduce you to a place that’s so boujee, it makes the word “luxury” blush. O Condominium Beachfront Residences, by Bocobay Aruba – and yeah, that name alone screams sophistication.

Now, picture this: you’re in Eagle Beach, and bam! O Condominium is right there, like it’s showing off its beachfront real estate. This ain’t your run-of-the-mill accommodation; this is a statement.

For starters, they’ve got a private entrance – because regular entrances are so last season. You stroll in like you own the place because, for the next few nights, you kinda do.

Now, let’s talk relaxation. They’ve got a year-round outdoor pool that’s practically begging for a cannonball. And guess what? You get free WiFi, free private parking, and an electric vehicle charging station. They’re basically saying, “Bring your Tesla; we got you covered.”

The rooms – oh boy, the rooms. Air-conditioned, because who needs the Caribbean heat when you’re trying to sleep? Wardrobe, coffee machine, dishwasher (because washing dishes is so last century), oven, safety deposit box – they’ve thought of everything.

And get this – a flat-screen TV, terrace with probably a killer view, and a private bathroom with a hot tub. Yeah, you read that right – your own personal hot tub. It’s like they’re saying, “You’ve arrived; time to treat yourself.”

Now, let’s talk about the kitchen. Fully equipped with a microwave, toaster, and a fridge that’s probably fancier than the one you’ve got back home. There’s a dining area too – because you’re not just eating; you’re dining.

And because they’re not skimping on the small details, they’ve even thrown in bed linen and towels. No need to stuff your suitcase with the essentials – they got your back.

Feeling like a grill master? They’ve got barbecue facilities, so you can channel your inner chef while soaking up that Caribbean breeze.

But wait, there’s more. Wellness options – hot tubs (yes, plural), wellness packages (because you deserve it), and yoga classes. You can basically Zen your way into vacation mode.

And if you’re feeling adventurous, they’ve got a car rental service. Imagine cruising around Aruba in style, wind in your hair, and not a care in the world.

Now, let’s talk location. Eagle Beach, Manchebo Beach, and Druif are practically your neighbors. The Queen Beatrix International Airport is just a breezy 3.7 miles away, and they even offer a paid airport shuttle. They’re basically saying, “We’ll pick you up; just bring your fabulous self.”

Oh, and couples love this place. They’ve given it a whopping 9.8 for a two-person trip. So, if you’re looking to impress your significant other, this is your ticket to relationship glory.

In a nutshell, O Condominium Beachfront Residences, by Bocobay Aruba isn’t just a place to crash; it’s a destination in itself. It’s where luxury meets beachfront vibes, and you’re the VIP guest. So, pack your designer swimsuit and get ready for a vacation that’s as high-class as it gets.

Ready to book O Condominium Beachfront Residences? Check availability on booking.com here!

4. MVC Eagle Beach

Imagine waking up to the sweet serenade of the ocean waves, and you’re not in a crammed hotel room; you’re in a family MVC Eagle Beach hotel that’s as peaceful as a sloth on a Sunday afternoon.

Now, let’s talk amenities. Free WiFi, because let’s face it, we all need to Instagram that perfect beach sunset. And speaking of beaches, MVC Eagle Beach is strutting its stuff right across from Eagle Beach. And they’ve got a pool – not just any pool, a small pool with a terrace for sunbathing. It’s like a VIP lounge for your tan.

But wait, there’s more! They’ve got a tennis court. Yes, a tennis court, because sometimes you need to work off those vacation piña coladas with a game of Wimbledon, or at least pretend you’re Andy Murray.

Now, let’s talk about the Tulip restaurant – the culinary maestro of MVC Eagle Beach. They’re dishing out a continental breakfast buffet every morning that’s so continental, it probably knows more languages than I do. And for lunch and dinner, it’s a Caribbean and Dutch cuisine extravaganza. À la carte menu, because who needs a novel-sized menu on vacation? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

And here’s the romantic kicker – couples love this place. They’ve rated it a jaw-dropping 9.6 for a two-person trip. If that’s not a green light for a romantic getaway, I don’t know what is. It’s like the universe saying, “Hey, lovebirds, this is your spot.”

Ready to book MVC Eagle Beach? Check availability on booking.com here!

5. Emerald View One-bedroom condo

Nestled in Eagle Beach, this condo is like the metaphorical cool kid at the beach party – stylish, a bit posh, and always making an entrance.

Now, let’s talk perks. Free WiFi – because, let’s face it, posting beach selfies is a mandatory vacation activity. And guess what? Free private parking! No need to play hide-and-seek with parking meters or break the bank just to stash your car.

Now, the condo itself is a showstopper. A balcony with views that would make Monet question his life choices, a kitchen that’s basically a culinary playground, and a strict no-smoking policy – because we’re here for the fresh sea breeze, not a smoke signal.

Situated just a sandy stroll away from Eagle Beach, Manchebo Beach, and Druif, you’re practically living inside a postcard. And if you’re worried about being too far from civilization, fear not – the Queen Beatrix International Airport is a mere 3.7 miles away, practically waving you in for a smooth landing.

Pack your bags, grab your sense of adventure, and get ready for a beachfront extravaganza that’s better than finding a 20-dollar bill in last summer’s shorts. Your tropical escape awaits – time to cash in that vacation lottery ticket!

Ready to book Emerald View One-bedroom condo? Check availability on booking.com here!

6. Eagle Aruba Resort

I was checking out this place called Eagle Aruba Resort, and it seems like a pretty cool spot. I thought I’d spill the beans in case you’re on the lookout for a vacation spot.

The place is about 1640 feet from Eagle Beach – that’s like a decent walk or a lazy scooter ride away. And if golf is your thing, the Divi Village Golf Course is just 1.2 miles down the road. Now, what caught my eye is that this joint is not just a resort – it’s practically a mini city. They’ve got a casino, a gym (if you’re feeling guilty about that extra vacation dessert), spa services (because who doesn’t love a good massage), 16 beach tennis courts (who even knew that was a thing), and not one, not two, but three swimming pools. So, swim to your heart’s content!

Wi-Fi is free everywhere – in your room, by the pool, probably even in your dreams. The rooms are pretty swanky – wooden furniture, tiled floors, and all the essentials like two flat-screen TVs, a patio or balcony for some fresh air, and a kitchen that’s got everything but the kitchen sink. Oh, and the bathrooms have showers – just in case you were wondering.

When it comes to food, there’s Uncle Tony’s Restaurant, dishing out tasty breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. The Bar is there for your beverage needs, with live music three times a week and happy hours daily. And if you’re a Dunkin’ Donuts & Baskin-Robbins fan, they’ve got that on-site too – sweet tooth, satisfied.

Now, the cool part is they can hook you up with activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, horseback riding – basically, they’re your personal adventure planners. Jeep Safaris, town center strolls, and shopping are also on the menu.

And if you want to explore outside the resort bubble, it’s just 10 minutes from Oranjestad Main Square and 20 minutes from Queen Beatrix International Airport. So, that’s the lowdown on Eagle Aruba Resort – seems like they’ve got the whole vacation package going on. Check it out if it tickles your fancy!

Ready to book Eagle Aruba Resort? Check availability on booking.com here!

7. Aruba Breeze Condominiums Hotel

Check this out – if you’re thinking about hitting up Aruba and you’re cool with splurging a bit, the Aruba Breeze Condominiums Hotel is on the radar.

This joint sits over in Eagle Beach, a stone’s throw from Druif – about 1.5 miles to be precise. And for you golf enthusiasts, the Tierra del Sol Golf Course is a short 4.6 miles away. Convenient tee time, right?

Now, they’re throwing in an outdoor swimming pool that’s cooler than a polar bear in sunglasses. Plus, you get your own private check-in and check-out – no more waiting around like a chump.

The condo itself is pretty sweet – two bedrooms, a living room, and not one, not two, but three bathrooms. No more queuing up in the morning chaos. And get this, a fully equipped kitchen. If you’re done with takeout, this is your chance to flex those cooking skills.

Oh, and a balcony with pool views. It’s like having your own VIP section. Towels and bed linen are part of the deal, so leave the linen closet at home.

Feeling outdoorsy? They’ve got a picnic area. Perfect for those lazy days when you just want to munch on something without a care in the world.

And for you beach lovers, Eagle Beach, Palm Beach, and Manchebo Beach are all within a hop, skip, and a jump. Flying in? Queen Beatrix International Airport is a breezy 4.3 miles away. No need for a marathon journey after your flight.

Ready to book Aruba Breeze Condominiums Hotel? Check availability on booking.com here!

8. Arena Condos Aruba – few steps from Eagle Beach!

If you’re dreaming of a chill spot near Eagle Beach in Aruba, Arena Condos Aruba is great option.

This 2-star gem is just a 4-minute stroll from Eagle Beach. Picture this: outdoor swimming pool, free private parking, a garden, and a terrace to soak in the vibes. Oh, and they’ve got a concierge service and luggage storage – they’ve got your back.

Now, let’s talk tech – free WiFi throughout, because who wants to pay for that in this day and age? And guess what? A hot tub to add some extra relaxation to your getaway.

Your room? Air-conditioned, with all the essentials – a closet, a coffee machine, a fridge, and a microwave. They’re throwing in a safety deposit box, a flat-screen TV, a balcony, and a private bathroom with a shower. Some rooms even have a patio, and a lucky few get pool views. They’ve thought of it all – electric tea pot, bed linen, and towels included.

Now, if you’re feeling like a little stroll, Manchebo Beach is just a 16-minute walk away, and Palm Beach is a cool 0.9 miles from the property. Flying in? Queen Beatrix International Airport is a breezy 4.3 miles away.

Oh, and couples seem to dig this place – they’ve given it a solid 9.2 for a two-person trip. So, if you’re planning a getaway for two, Arena Condos Aruba might just be your ticket. Enjoy the vibes!

Ready to book Arena Condos Aruba? Check availability on booking.com here!

9. Modern apartment in levent in front of eagle beach

Hey, if you’re looking for a place near Eagle Beach, check out this modern apartment in Levent.

The cool part? It’s just a three-minute stroll from Eagle Beach and about half a mile from Manchebo Beach. They’ve got their priorities right with a fitness center on deck, so you can try to justify all the vacation eats.

The apartment itself is air-conditioned – thank goodness for that Caribbean heat. It’s got three bedrooms and a patio for some chill time. Oh, and no need to play the parking shuffle – they’ve got it on-site. Plus, there’s an outdoor swimming pool to cool off in, and an elevator in case stairs are just not your thing.

Now, the real hero here is the kitchen – fully equipped with a dishwasher and oven. You know, just in case you get ambitious with your culinary skills. And they’re throwing in the essentials – towels, bed linen, the whole deal. Extra privacy? Yep, they’ve got a private entrance for that.

Palm Beach is about 1.1 miles away, and if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, Druif is 1.3 miles in the other direction. Flying in? Queen Beatrix International Airport is a breezy 3.7 miles from this modern pad.

Ready to book Modern apartment in levent in front of eagle beach? Check availability on booking.com here!

10. Luxurious Apartment in Levent

This place not your average Joe’s crash pad, mind you. They’re asking for a minimum of 3 nights.

Now, let me paint you a picture. It’s a swift 2-minute stroll to Eagle Beach – practically your backyard. And this place? It’s got all the bells and whistles – a hot tub, a hammam (for when regular relaxation just won’t cut it), and a fitness center for those trying to defy the laws of vacation calories.

Oh, and did I mention it’s beachfront? Yeah, you get a terrace with a front-row seat to the sea drama. Parking is free, so you won’t need a second mortgage just to leave your car somewhere.

Inside, it’s a 3-bedroom extravaganza. Big TV, a washing machine (because sand is the eternal vacation companion), and a kitchen that’s ready for a cooking show. Sea views from the balcony, complete with outdoor furniture – because who doesn’t want to sip their coffee like they’re in a movie?

By the way, this place is all about luxury, and they take allergies and smoking about as seriously as we take a good pub quiz – meaning it’s a big no-no.

Feeling sporty? Tennis is on the menu. Need wheels? They’ve got a car rental service, just in case you fancy a joyride. And for the water enthusiasts, diving is on the agenda too.

Manchebo Beach is practically in stumbling distance, and if you’re up for a bit more action, Palm Beach is a stone’s throw away – well, maybe a short throw. Flying in? Queen Beatrix International Airport is just 3.7 miles away.

Ready to book? Check availability on booking.com here!

11. Dorado Eagle Beach Hotel

Hold onto your sunhats because the Dorado Eagle Beach Hotel is hosting a beach bash, and it won’t dent your wallet.

Here’s the lowdown: just a breezy 3-minute walk from Eagle Beach, basically buddy-buddy with Manchebo Beach. They’ve got an outdoor pool and a BBQ setup – like having your personal tropical spot. And the perks? Free parking, luggage space, and Wifi – all thrown in.

Now, let’s talk eats. The on-site restaurant is cooking up Greek and Italian treats. So, if you’re hankering for a taste of the Mediterranean, you’re in luck.

As for the rooms? Super comfy – air-conditioned and decked out with all the basics: wardrobe, coffee machine, microwave, toaster, safety deposit box, and a flat-screen TV. Private bathroom with a walk-in shower? You bet. Bed linen and towels? All set.

Feeling a bit like a kitchen superstar? There’s a kitchenette with a fridge, kettle, and stovetop just waiting for your culinary skills.

Druif is just a laid-back 17-minute stroll away, and Palm Beach is practically a stone’s throw at 1.4 miles. Flying in? Queen Beatrix International Airport is a quick hello from 3.7 miles away.

Ready to book Dorado Eagle Beach Hotel? Check availability on booking.com here!

Final Words

Now you know where to stay in Eagle Beach Aruba.

The Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort is a solid choice, offering a great overall experience. Need something budget-friendly? Arena Condominium Aruba has your back. And if you’re up for a bit of luxury, the O Condominium Beachfront Residences is a swanky option. These places aren’t just close to the beach; they’re right on it, ensuring you’ll wake up to those ocean waves. So, depending on your vibe and budget, there’s a spot waiting for you.

Got it! I understand – Eagle Beach hotels can be expensive. But no worries, there are some budget-friendly options just a short walk or quick ride away. They might not be super fancy, but they won’t break the bank.

Check them out:

If you’re looking to save a bit on your stay and don’t mind a short walk, these options could be just right for you. Being super close to the beach might not be a top priority, but these choices can work out well.

Hope you have a great time in Eagle Beach, Aruba!

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