When Is the Best Time to go to Aruba? Weather, Budget & Tips

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Deciding when is the best time to go to Aruba should be based on budget and interests.

Depending on what your trip intends to consist of, may dictate which time of year is best for you.

And if you are traveling on a budget, knowing when high season happens is the easiest way to save a few hundred dollars.

About Aruba

Aruba is one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean, and a hotspot for North American tourists and beach lovers.

The happy island sits just 15 miles north of South America but has a mixture of 90 different nationalities on its shores.

Thanks to its location so close to the equator, Aruba receives sunshine and warm weather all year round.

What to Expect?

This guide will break down each season of tourism in Aruba, and what activities and events are best at certain times of the year:

  • High Season – Mid-December to Mid-April- The best time of year for beaches and water sports and those who want the full immersive experience.
  • Shoulder Season – Mid-April to August- The best time for a more diverse crowd and a dip in prices from the high season.
  • Low Season – September to Mid-December- The best time of year for budget travelers and those wanting to avoid long lines and high crowds.

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Best Time to go to Aruba for Beaches & Weather

Aruba is a destination with a tropical climate and year-round warm weather conditions.

Beach lovers can enjoy comfortable temperatures and blue waters any time of year, but crowds will often depend on North American weather.

The island will be bustling with tourists around the coastline, and will also cause an increase in price, especially for those things with a beachfront view.

Water conditions are pleasant year-round, with the annual kite-surfing festival being held in the fall, as there are the best waves due to the northern hurricane season going on.

Whatever time of year you decide to visit Aruba, rest assured the beaches will be a relaxing oasis.

Best Time to go to Aruba for Parties & Events

Lucky for you, there is something fun and exciting happening in Aruba all year round.

January brings the most exciting time of all, as Carnival festivities arise and are the highlight of the high season in Aruba.

Music lovers will flock to the shores in May during the island’s annual Soul Beach Music Festival.

And foodies will take over the island in October during Arubas Restaurant Week, showcasing cuisine from more than 90 different ethnicities.

Additionally, Aruba is an ideal place to spend the holidays, as it is just the start of the high season.

Sint Nicholas arrives on the harbor early in the month, and New Years’ celebrations ring all over the island.

Best Time to go to Aruba to Travel on a Budget

Traveling to Aruba on a budget? The cheapest time to visit the island is during the autumn low season.

Aruba can really be a bargain this time of year, with deep discounts on lodging and popular tours and attractions.

If booked ahead of time, visitors traveling during September through mid-December can often enjoy savings of up to 50% off winter high season rates.

Keep in mind – there are often deals on affordable flights during the autumn season as well, making getting to the island another opportunity to easily save a few bucks.

Additional Tips

Prices will likely increase during the high season and be booked up well in advance.

Planning ahead of time is your best option when traveling to Aruba. Especially if you are traveling to Aruba to stay a week or more.

Additionally, while Aruba isn’t typically affected by hurricane season, if for the off chance a storm does head south, hurricane season last from early summer to mid-fall.

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Final Words

We hope you have enjoyed this guide to traveling to Aruba, and that it has helped you make a decision about which time of year will be best for your ultimate holiday adventure.

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