How To Dress For Dinner In Aruba – Outfit Tips & Ideas

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This guide will give you an overview of dress codes, and how to properly dress for a night out on the town or for a typical dinner night out in Aruba.

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What to Expect from Weather in Aruba?

In Aruba, the sun is always shining and it is summer all year long!

With an average temperature of 82 degrees Fahrenheit, the island promotes flip-flops and shorts, so leave the winter jackets at home.

While the island is more upscale than its other neighboring Caribbean islands, keep a hint of class and casual in mind when packing for your trip to Aruba.

The island is upscale, but very chill and laid back at the same time.

While the temperature is normally hot, lightweight natural fabrics tend to be the best suitable. Clothing that is flowy and loose tends to be a lot more comfortable than tight-fitting attire.

By now, I am sure you’re wondering exactly what type of clothes to pack, or how to dress for dinner in Aruba. We are here to help!

Dress Codes in Aruba

The island of Aruba itself does not have a dress code, outside of the typical clothing rules of the world.

However, it is best to keep the swimsuits and beach covers for the coastline, water, and beach bars and cafes.

Most restaurants, casinos, and nightclubs recommend ‘light evening wear.’ So, not extremely fancy, but at least make sure your clothes are clean and ripped-free.

Elegant and fancy clothes are not necessary. The sun is strong in Aruba, so casual silk and linen dress are often the go-to clothing choices for many visitors and locals.

Dining out While in Aruba

When dining out for dinner in Aruba, there is not technically a dress code, but there are certain items more favored than others. Smart and casual is recommended, such as a nice sundress Bermuda shorts, or polos.

Try to stay away from:

  • bro tanks
  • jeans
  • and cheap flip-flops

Remember, you’re on vacation, giving you a perfect opportunity to look your best and spruce it up a bit!

Keep in mind: While Aruba is a hot island, the temperatures drop some when the sun goes down, especially in the winter months.

It is recommended to bring a light jacket or pashmina wrap if you are someone who gets cold easily.

Dinner Outfit Tips for Women

While going out for dinner in Aruba, ladies tend to wear summer sundresses, shorts, lightweight tops, and flowy beach wear.

A pashmina or sarong is an ideal essential for those chilly evenings, as they make for an excellent wrap or scarf, and will add that extra touch to just about any outfit.

Dinner Outfit Tips for Men

While going out for dinner in Aruba, men tend to wear long pants, whether that be slacks, knit pants, or khakis, and short-sleeved shirts, such as polos, v-necks, or button up.

Avoid wearing regular t-shirts and bro tanks while dining out.

Loose linen shirts are great for restaurants in the evening, being easy to roll up the sleeves or leave them long when the cool breeze blows. Also, in restaurant, if you had a service that went the extra mile, don’t forget to leave a small tip.

Other Tips to Remember

When visiting Aruba, be aware that it is illegal for men and women to wear any clothing with camo or military print.

Additionally, even on cloudy days and early evenings, the sun in Aruba is strong. Be sure to bring enough sunscreen to last and stay safe during your trip, as it is highly expensive on the island, due to high demand.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, Aruba is pretty relaxed and encourages casual comfort and style. Dress for the weather, be considerate, and you’ll fit in just fine.

We hope that you have enjoyed this guide on how to dress for dinner in Aruba and that you refer back here when jotting down your next packing list!

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