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As prices are already above average and a large majority of businesses are being modernized, many visitors ask the question; do you tip in Aruba?

Lucky for you, we are here to answer every question you may have about tipping and service charges while visiting the island, from bartenders to taxis, to bellhops.

So to answer your question: In Aruba, tipping isn’t mandatory, but it is highly appreciated! Keep scrolling to learn everything you need to know about tipping in Aruba.

Aruba Is Pricey, But You Should Tip In Aruba

Aruba truly is a tropical paradise. It is one of the most visited islands in the Caribbean and makes a great year-round destination.

Known for its white sandy beaches, dazzling turquoise waters, and colorful architecture, Aruba deserves a spot on any traveler’s bucket list.

If you are familiar with the island at all, then you’re probably aware that Aruba is rather pricey, compared to other surrounding islands.

Despite its price, a relatively small size, the island’s main industry is tourism, and it is well equipped to handle its mass amount of visitors.

It is packed with hotels, resorts, restaurants, and taxi drivers ready to accommodate visitors in every way that they can.


Tipping at Restaurants

If you have ever worked in the food industry as a server or bartender, then you know just how important tips are to your salary.

Waiters and waitresses that go above and beyond with their service will be happy to know just how much their service is valued at the end of every experience.

While dining out in Aruba, check your receipt at the end of your meal, as many restaurants will automatically add an additional service charge of around 10-15%.

However, if you would like to leave an additional tip or up the percentage, you are more than happy to do so based on your service.

Keep in mind, that most restaurants that include a service charge automatically will distribute the tips to the entire staff. If you had a service that went the extra mile, leave a few dollars in cash to be sure it is going to the person who deserves it.

Do You Tip in Aruba Hotels

Tipping styles at hotels will vary depending on which type of hotel you are staying at.

However, all-inclusive resorts in Aruba are always included, as with many modern and upscale hotels. On average, this is an additional charge of 5-7%.

While the tip is included in the entire bill, it is not uncommon for guests to leave additional tips for hotel staff. Employees such as the bellhop, bartenders, cleaners, or butlers always appreciate a few extra dollars.

If they are going to great lengths to give you an incredible and friendly experience, be sure to show them that their great service hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Tipping for Transportation

Aruba is a relatively small island, limiting the kinds of transportation available. Taxis and personal drivers are the main types of transportation used when visiting Aruba.

Taxis are typically a fixed price and while tipping isn’t mandatory, it’s not uncommon to see, and many drivers will expect it. Many drivers will assist with your luggage or directions, just out of kindness, and will really appreciate a few extra bucks in their pocket.

Personal drivers are often locals of the island and can give visitors an incredible and unique experience. They are your personal guide during your trip, available whenever they are needed.

Before the end of your trip, showing them appreciation with tipping will show them that you truly value their dedication and assistance during your stay.

Is It Customary to Tip in Aruba?

If your Aruban experience goes beyond your expectations and you enjoy all of your adventures, don’t forget to tip your tour guides!

Many attractions wouldn’t be possible without those who do it for a living. Keep them in business so other visitors can have a spectacular experience, just like you.

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Final Words

We hope that this guide to tipping in Aruba has answered all the questions you may have had!

While the island doesn’t prioritize or consider tipping mandatory, just know that it is always appreciated. Be sure to refer back here during your next trip to the tropical Caribbean paradise!

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