Is the Water Safe to Drink In Aruba

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Calm your nerves, because practically everyone who graces this spectacular island with their presence can’t help but wonder, Is the water safe to drink in Aruba? The answer is yes, the water in Aruba is absolutely safe to drink. However, it’s always smart to ask the locals when you are there just to be 100% sure.

Look, mate, you never know. When you’re kicking it on the island, why not throw a quick question to the locals? Ask them, “Hey, is the water cool right now?” Things change, right? It’s like having your own water intel.

Even if the water is probably safe, for those who prefer extra caution to avoid potential stomach issues, opting for bottled water is a sensible choice. Whatever you do, remember to stay hydrated and enjoy your time in Aruba!

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Desalination Plant

Let’s dive into the details. Aruba, a haven for globetrotters, boasts tap water of the highest quality.

How do they manage this feat on an island with no freshwater source, you ask?

The answer lies in Aruba’s ingenious solution – seawater is their muse.

Through the magic of technology, a desalination plant distills seawater, ensuring it meets the lofty standards set by none other than the World Health Organization.

Now, I can almost hear the skepticism bubbling in your mind. “Seawater? Are you sure it’s safe?” I hear you cry.

Fear not, my cautious compadres, for this isn’t just any water.

It’s been purified to the point where it’s not only safe but also among the cleanest in the world.

In fact, the locals encourage you to bring a refillable bottle and enjoy this liquid elixir wherever you please.

Bottled water? Pfft! It’s as unnecessary as a sunshade in the North Pole. Search Flights Image

Bring a refillable bottle

Embrace sustainability, my friends! Bringing a refillable bottle is not just a convenience; it’s a badge of honor.

You’re not just sipping on water; you’re sipping on eco-friendliness, contributing to the reduction of plastic waste during your stay. Aruba’s tap water is more than just a thirst-quencher; it’s a statement – a statement against unnecessary plastic consumption.


“But what about the taste?” you inquire, your taste buds already yearning for that crisp sip. Fret not, for Aruba’s tap water isn’t just safe; it’s a symphony of minerals.

Yes, it’s considered hard water due to the presence of calcium and magnesium, but let me assure you, it’s not harmful. It’s the kind of water that gives your palate a mineral-infused dance, a taste that’s been lauded as among the best in the Caribbean.

And what about fluoride, you ask?

Aruba, in its rebellious spirit, does not conform to the norm. While some countries dabble in adding fluoride to their water to fight tooth decay, Aruba takes a different route. No fluoride here, my friends – just pure, unadulterated, crisp tap water.

Final Words

In conclusion, my dear readers, let’s put an end to the unnecessary debate – both locals and tourists can indulge in Aruba’s tap water without a care in the world.

It’s not just safe; it’s a sip of luxury. So, raise your refillable bottles, toast to sustainability, and savor the liquid gold that is Aruba’s tap water. Safe travels and bottoms up!

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