Do You Tip RV Park Attendants? Search Flights

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So, you’ve parked your colossal RV in a spot that might as well have been designed by a geometry-loving sadist.

You’ve executed a reverse maneuver that would make a NASA rover jealous, all while the RV park attendant directed you with a dance that would make a traffic cop blush.

Now, the real dilemma hits you: to tip or not to tip your RV park attendant?

Well, my fellow road warriors, let’s address the elephant in the RV – yes, you absolutely should tip the RV park attendant.

And no, it’s not because they’ve mastered the art of interpretive dance on the asphalt.

Think of it this way: they just helped you avoid a potential disaster that could have turned your sleek RV into a makeshift lawn ornament. You didn’t just park; you performed a vehicular ballet, with your RV as the prima ballerina, and the attendant as the unassuming choreographer.

Let’s not forget the unsolicited guidance they gave you on how to avoid the tree that seemed to have a magnetic attraction to your roof.

Or the subtle eye roll when you almost mistook the sewage hookup for a flower bed (hey, it happens to the best of us).

In the grand scheme of your road trip, slipping a few dollars their way is a small price to pay for the unspoken camaraderie forged on the blacktop.


It’s like saying, “Thanks for not laughing at my questionable parking skills and for not judging my questionable choice of road trip snacks.”

So, next time you find yourself debating whether to tip the RV park attendant, remember this: you’re not just compensating them for their expertise in RV Tetris – you’re acknowledging the unsung heroes who turn your four-wheeled adventure into a rolling spectacle.

Happy tipping, and may your road be paved with smooth parking maneuvers!

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