3 Best Helicopter Tours In Los Angeles You Can Book In 2024

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Ready for a thrilling ride over Tinseltown? Buckle up, because we’re about to explore the best helicopter tours in Los Angeles.

Prepare to see the City of Angels in a whole new light – and height!

So, stick around, unless you’re afraid of heights… or fun!

What to Expect from Helicopter Tours In Los Angeles

Get ready for takeoff, folks! Helicopter tours in Los Angeles offer an exhilarating, sky-high perspective on the City of Angels.

They sweep you over the glitz of Hollywood, the luxurious estates of Beverly Hills, and along the sun-kissed Pacific coast.

Each tour serves a slice of LA’s captivating allure, seasoned with adventure and splashed with the city’s quintessential glamour.

Whether you’re day-tripping over celebrity homes, night-cruising over the city’s vibrant lights, or luxuriating in a romantic escapade on a private Malibu mountaintop, these tours offer a unique LA experience.

They’re not just sightseeing – they’re bucket-list-worthy adventures that capture the spirit of this iconic city.

But with so many options out there, which tour do you choose?

Fear not! We’ve sieved through the many and hand-picked the three absolute best helicopter tours in LA for you.

In the sections to come, we’re going to delve into the specifics of each of these top-tier tours.

We’ll compare their highlights, and guide you towards the one that best matches your sky-high expectations.

So strap in, and stay tuned, because we’re about to elevate your LA experience to new heights!

1. Beverly Hills and Hollywood: Helicopter Tour

If you’re looking for the best helicopter tours in Los Angeles, then buckle up for the ‘Beverly Hills and Hollywood: Helicopter Tour’.

For $224, you can live out your Richie Rich dreams and play peeping Tom with Hollywood’s elite.

This 20-minute airborne extravaganza takes you high above the City of Angels.

You start at Burbank Airport, rubbing shoulders with Universal and Warner Bros Studios.

Pro-tip: don’t forget to wave at the Potterheads queuing for butterbeer at Universal – tiny specks of wizard love from your high-flying perspective.

Once you’re airborne, you’ll cruise by the iconic Hollywood Sign. It’s your chance to snap a quick selfie that screams, “I’m so LA right now.”

Following that, you’ll swoop over Mulholland Drive and Laurel Canyon, a stomping ground for rock and roll royalty.

Beverly Hills and Bel-Air are next, so get ready to gawk at some serious real estate.

Look, there’s the $90-million dollar mansion that Jay-Z and Beyonce call home! Just remember not to drop your phone while taking those sneaky aerial snaps.

Throughout your tour, you’ll have a live commentary from a friendly pilot who might just spill some juicy celeb gossip.

To make sure you catch every bit of the Tinseltown tales, you’ll be provided with noise-canceling headphones. You can almost pretend you’re in a spy movie.

Feeling extra fancy?

For a few more bucks, you can book a private tour or even add a sunset option.

Because, let’s face it, sunsets and LA sky-high views go together like Kardashians and drama.

The ‘Beverly Hills and Hollywood: Helicopter Tour’ has racked up 4.9 stars based on 419 reviews.

So if you’ve ever fancied yourself a bird with a taste for the high life, this might just be the adventure you’ve been waiting for.

2. Los Angeles at Night 30-Minute Helicopter Flight

Alrighty then, let’s move onto numero dos of the best helicopter tours in Los Angeles: ‘Los Angeles at Night 30-Minute Helicopter Flight’.

If the previous tour was the daytime soap opera of aerial adventures, this one’s the late-night talk show – glitzy, glamorous, and worth staying up for.

Clocking in at 30 minutes and $319, this night owl of a tour gives you a different angle of the City of Angels – a twinkly, sparkly, all-lit-up-like-a-Christmas-tree kind of view.

You’ll soar over the Downtown skyline, the lights of which would give Vegas a run for its money.

Highlights include the Griffith Observatory, the Hollywood Sign (yes, again, but this time it’s lit!), Staples Center, Dodger Stadium, and much more.

Now, here’s where things get a bit romantic.

They have a Valentine’s Day package where you can enjoy sweets, champagne, rosé, and chocolates.

Sure beats a teddy bear and a box of supermarket chocolates, eh? Talk about a hot date!

The tour starts from Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, which – just like the last tour – offers its own spectacle of glimmering lights as dusk sets in.

In comparison to the ‘Beverly Hills and Hollywood: Helicopter Tour’, this trip lasts a bit longer and has a bit more of a sweet romantic edge.

And while both tours offer amazing views, the nighttime spectacle of LA really is something else.

Now, this might be the second tour on our list, but it’s by no means second rate.

The LA night tour is like LA itself – a sparkling spectacle that leaves you starstruck.

It’s perfect for couples, families, or friends.

Heck, even if you’re an LA native, you’ll see the city in a whole new light… literally.

So, are you ready for your close-up with the stars?

3. Los Angeles Romantic Helicopter Tour with Mountain Landing

Pull up your socks and prepare your senses for the ‘Los Angeles Romantic Helicopter Tour with Mountain Landing’.

If the first tour was the daytime sneak peek and the second was the glitzy night owl, this one’s like the extravagant season finale, folks!

Clocking in at a generous 45 to 90 minutes and $549, this tour is the LeBron James of LA helicopter experiences.

This is the one where you quit window shopping and go all in, leaving no Hollywood stone unturned.

Starting from the same runway – Bob Hope Airport in Burbank – you’ll fly over Universal Studios, the Hollywood Sign (yup, it’s back again!), and do some more celebrity home-spotting.

This time, you’ll also see the Santa Monica Pier and the Pacific Palisades, which give you a taste of that California dreamin’.

The star of the show, though, is your own private Malibu mountaintop landing. Yeah, you read that right!

You’ll have 30 minutes to toast, munch on dessert, and admire the breathtaking Malibu beach views.

Who knew a rose could smell so much sweeter from a private peak in Malibu?

Now, compared to our first two contenders, this tour is undoubtedly the most romantic of the bunch.

If the previous tour set the stage for romance, this one sweeps you off your feet and whisks you away to a private mountaintop.

As the final tour on our list, it certainly wraps things up with a flourish.

It takes the best of the previous tours – the celebrity homes, the iconic sign, and the sunset spectacle – and adds a touch of Malibu magic.

It’s an unforgettable blend of romance, luxury, and LA glamour.

So there you have it, folks!

The ‘Los Angeles Romantic Helicopter Tour with Mountain Landing’ is your Hollywood ending, your grand finale, your cherry on top.

And as the saying goes, ‘save the best for last’… and boy, does this tour deliver!

Final Words

That wraps up the best helicopter tours in Los Angeles, folks!

Now go, conquer the skies, and snag that bird’s-eye view of LA’s glamour.

Remember, the early bird catches the… helicopter? Anyway, book soon and have a blast, you sky-high superstar!

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