2 Best Helicopter Tours In Chicago You Can Book In 2024

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Get ready to have your socks blown off with the best helicopter tours in Chicago!

We’ve handpicked two extraordinary tours that will leave you breathless.



1. Chicago Private Helicopter Flight (1-3 People)

Attention, thrill-seekers and adventure enthusiasts!

Get ready to buckle up and embark on an unforgettable journey through the Windy City’s skies.

Brace yourselves for the ultimate helicopter tour in Chicago, where you’ll soar like a majestic bird, taking in the breathtaking sights and creating memories that will make your friends green with envy!

Imagine this: you’re seated in a sleek MD500 helicopter, peering out of the window as the mesmerizing Chicago skyline unfolds beneath you.

But hold on tight, my friends, because they’re taking things up a notch.

During the summer, they kick it into high gear and offer you the heart-pounding “doors off” flight experience.


That’s right, they’re removing those doors, letting the wind rush through your hair, and turning you into a fearless aviator.

It’s like being in an action movie, minus the explosions and bad one-liners.

As your chopper hovers above the city, prepare to be dazzled by panoramic views of the magnificent Lake Michigan.

Behold its glistening waters, the sun-kissed beaches that beckon sunbathers, and the stunning shoreline that will make your heart skip a beat.

But wait, there’s more!

Brace yourself for a visual feast of Chicago’s most iconic landmarks.

From the towering Willis Tower to the grandeur of the John Hancock Building, you’ll have a front-row seat to architectural wonders that will make you mutter, “Who needs Netflix when you’ve got this?”

Your trusty pilot, a veritable fountain of knowledge, will regale you with fascinating tales of Chicago’s history and its world-renowned architecture.

Get ready to delve into the legacy of the legendary Frank Lloyd Wright and marvel at the brilliance that shaped Chicago’s skyline.

It’s like having a captivating TED Talk, but with an unbeatable aerial view.

Now, let’s talk logistics, my fellow sky adventurers.

This private helicopter experience is tailor-made for you and up to two of your closest mates.

Safety is their utmost concern, so you can relax knowing that their professional pilot is as cool as a cucumber and as skilled as a ninja.

They’ll keep you entertained and informed with live commentary through noise-canceling headphones, ensuring you don’t miss a single fascinating tidbit.

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And remember, during those sunny summer months, you can opt for the “doors off” extravaganza and unleash your inner daredevil.

A few ground rules, though, my friends.

Leave your hats and bags behind—no need to block that jaw-dropping view of Chicago’s splendor.

And please be aware that this high-flying adventure isn’t suitable for little ones under 3 years old or people whose enthusiasm might tip the scales at over 300 pounds (136 kilograms). Safety is the name of the game, folks!

Rest assured, they take hygiene seriously.

Gear and equipment go through meticulous sanitization between flights, and pilots have mastered the art of handwashing like nobody’s business.

And don’t fret about your personal belongings.

They’ve got you covered with a secure storage spot for your purses and scarves, freeing up your hands to snap photos that’ll make your Instagram followers drool.

Don’t forget – It’s always a good idea to check with the helicopter tour company for any specific recommendations or restrictions regarding clothing and personal belongings. They may have additional guidelines based on the specific tour and location.

So, what are you waiting for, dear adventurers?

It’s time to seize the day, book your seats on the best helicopter tour in Chicago, and prepare to be blown away.

The Windy City beckons, and it’s calling your name.

Let’s take flight, make memories that’ll last a lifetime, and give Chicago a run for its money in the “breathtaking views” department!

2. Private 45-Minute Chicago Skyline Helicopter Tour

But hey, if you thought the last one was the epitome of airborne excitement, buckle up because we’ve got another adventure lined up for you that will take your breath away.

Hold onto your hats and fasten your seatbelts because we’re about to take you on one of the best helicopter tours in Chicago!

Strap in for a private 45-minute Chicago Skyline Helicopter Tour that will blow your socks off!

This helicopter tour is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

It’s a front-row seat to the grand spectacle that is the Chicago skyline, and trust me, it’s a show you don’t want to miss.

You’ll be treated to breathtaking views of Millennium Park, Navy Pier, and even Wrigley Field. Yes, that’s right, you’ll be flying over the home of the Chicago Cubs!

It’s like being a part of the game, except you won’t have to worry about catching any foul balls or spilling mustard on your shirt.

And fear not, sports fans, you’ll also pass by Soldier Field, where the Chicago Bulls work their magic.

But that’s not all!

As if the jaw-dropping views weren’t enough, they’ll provide you with noise-cancelling headsets so you can hear every word from your pilot.

Trust me, they’ve got some great stories to tell.

And here’s a little bonus for you: pilots happen to be fantastic photographers.

So not only will you have memories to cherish, but you’ll also get some incredible photos of yourself and the helicopter.

Talk about bragging rights!

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Now, let’s address the nitty-gritty details.

This tour can accommodate up to three people, so grab your friends or loved ones and make this an experience to remember.

And don’t worry about parking—they’ve got you covered with free parking. They’re all about making things easy for you.

Oh, and did I mention the reviews? This tour has an impressive 100 reviews, with a staggering 96 of them being 5-star or 4-star ratings. It’s like this tour has been blessed by the aviation gods themselves!

So, my adventurous comrades, it’s time to seize the day and embark on this incredible journey through the Chicago skyline.

Book your private 45-minute helicopter tour now and prepare for the ride of a lifetime. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

And remember, if you’re looking for a little extra spice in your life, just add some altitude!

Final Words

Book one of the best helicopter tours in Chicago today and witness the city’s beauty from new heights. Don’t miss out on this incredible experience – book now and create memories that will last a lifetime!

The adventure of a lifetime is just a helicopter ride away!

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